Invictus Necesse Half Pad Review

I recently picked up the Invictus Necesse half pad at my local tack store, Valencia Sport Saddlery. It was Small Business Saturday, so I got it 10% off – totaling around $245. I was recommended this pad by my Voltaire rep after my previous Ogilvy and Mattes pads wound up being too thick.

My saddle fits my horse really well, so I got the version without shims, but they make a shimmable version as well.

This is by far the closest contact I’ve felt with a half pad, and my mare has been nice, round, and comfortable. It’s kept my back comfortable, too (I was even fairly comfortable at the sitting trot which with my scoliosis is a miracle).

This is my favorite half pad to date and I highly recommend it to anyone with a well-fitted saddle!


  • Very impact absorbent
  • Minimal saddle fit interference
  • Non-slip and breathable
  • Low-profile


  • Price (although most technologically advanced/trendy half pads are around this price range)
  • Only comes in one size
  • Limited colors

What’s your favorite half pad?

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