The Mane Thing: Bomane Salon

Barn hair don’t do care. While I spend most of my time with my locks in some sort of hat/ponytail/bun situation, I still wish my hair looked as good as Jessica Springsteen’s on a daily basis. But as a rider, that can be a struggle (J-Springs is just perfect and I have come to terms with that). I have to wash it every day, it’s difficult to find time for appointments that are hours long, and style options can be limited (needs to “look good” under a hairnet, so no bangs, can’t be too short).

I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Andrea Jaclyn, the cofounder and head stylist of BOMANE, a gorgeous new salon in Beverly Hills. She grew up riding and learned to braid for shows, which sparked her love of hair. I had a feeling her knowledge and understanding of equestrian life would give her the ability to truly understand my hair needs – and she did just that. Rather than just asking for a photo of what I wanted my hair to look like, she asked me things like what I liked/disliked about my hair, how I usually wear it, what I wanted to change about it, etc. The result was a gorgeous cut and color that has been super low-maintenance, easy/fast to style, and looks great air-dried.

Read on for Andrea’s tips on ways to wear barn hair and how to keep it healthy ??


Tell me a little bit about your horseback riding background!

ANDREA JACLYN: My Aunt had a farm in Minnesota. She sent my mom to Chatsworth to look at a horse she wanted to buy, we lived in OC so off we went. Instantly obsessed, I kicked my mums shin under the table until she agreed to drive me back for a lesson the next weekend and this repeated until now, except now it’s my man’s shin being kicked! I grew up riding Welsh Cobs. I love jumpers and cross country. I started in Pony Club, it shaped who I am today.

How do horses help and inspire your work?

AJ: My love of hair started when I learned to braid horses for the shows. This helped offset the cost. My mom literally mucked stalls to pay for my lessons. She’s the best. Spoiled rotten little thing now, she is! ?

What is your favorite thing about the equestrian lifestyle?

AJ: Being outside in nature with happy people that love animals. It’s really that simple.

What’s your go-to barn hairstyle?

AJ: There’s really no saving a blowout after you’ve ridden. I use DAVINES OI OIL on my ends so when I’m washing it everyday it doesn’t dry it out. A simple braid is always chic and simple. I love a black classic bow at the end when I have time. You can literally buy it at the craft shop. Matte 1” fabric is my fave, ?red is always nice too. It’s a really fast inexpensive way to feel more put together when you ride. It actually saves me time and headache because I’m not needing to redo my ponytail 5 times.

Suggestions for alternatives to ponytails?

AJ: Apply a good oil to your ends, braid and wrap in a bun. Again, simple way to achieve a put together look that lasts.

Any other hair tips for us horse girls?

AJ: If you’re going to wear it up a lot, make sure it’s not wet, hair is most fragile when it’s wet. OIL OIL. It’s like free time for treatments. By treatments I mean use a great quality oil, and don’t use a treatment. There’s a reason they say 15 minutes. Hair can actually mold if it’s left wet for too long.


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