Review: C&C Signature Fancy Stitch Traditional Bridle

C&C Signature is an up-and-coming brand of tack created by two riders with their own horses in mind. They strive to offer A-Circuit worthy, quality anatomic tack that doesn’t break the bank – and I think they’ve done a great job. They also have a beautiful line of fly bonnets and super fun saddle pads.

I got the C&C Fancy Stitch Traditional Bridle with Removable Flash. Their bridles come with your choice of laced or rubber reins, and I went with the laced.

THE LEATHER: Out of the box, the leather is nice, soft, and flexible. It doesn’t look or feel plastic-y or cheap. It’s not the high-end French or English leather of my CWD or Beval Heritage bridles, but it’s great quality for the price ($140 new, including reins). After some use, the surface is starting to wrinkle, which I don’t love but will deal with at this price point – it definitely looks nice enough to show in. I love the dark Havana color, which matches my Voltaire saddle perfectly.

THE FIT: My mare has a very dainty head that is hard to fit – horse size cheek pieces and throat latches are usually too long for her. I sent C&C some photos of her and explained her usual fit issues, and they kindly swapped out the cheeks with cob sized ones. The throat latch is adjustable on both sides, so I’ve had no problems with that. The one issue I’ve had with this bridle is with the browband and crown. The crown has cut-outs that are supposed to fit around the horse’s ears, relieving pressure. Unfortunately on Quinn, the cut-outs don’t line up with her ears perfectly and the shape puts pressure on the base of her ears. Due to the curvature of the crown, the browband has limited adjustability and sits slightly too low, resting on her browbone. After a few rides in this bridle, she became a bit tight and sensitive around her ears. I have a few friends who have this bridle as well, and none of them have had this problem so I suspect it’s a hard-to-fit-horse issue. If your horse has and average-sized head, you probably won’t have this issue. Quinn is also particularly sensitive.

THE EXTRAS: This bridle comes with a completely removable flash, fancy stitching, padding, and your choice of fancy stitched laced or rubber reins. The flash tab goes in between the padding and the raised part of the noseband, and when removed looks like a normal snaffle bridle – I hate the extra flash tab when it’s not being used, so I love that it’s completely removable. The padding is soft, and the stitching is beautiful, tight, and even. The reins are probably my favorite – they’re soft and pliable out of the box, and I love the leather martingale stops. The reins are a great buy by themselves, and I’d definitely purchase them again.


While this bridle wasn’t a perfect fit for my mare, I think C&C Signature’s bridles are a wonderful option when looking for an affordable bridle with anatomic elements. They have all the extras of higher end bridles, feel great, and look beautiful in the show ring.

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All opinions are truthful and my own. I was not compensated for this review.

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  1. 6.8.18
    Tracy said:

    I’ve heard good things about C&C Signature and tried desperately to order some items from them, but the customer service was so horrendous I ended up not ordering. I was quite disappointed because the quality for the price seems really great!

    • 6.8.18
      The Hunt said:

      Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that, my experience with their customer service was wonderful – was this recent? The quality for the price is definitely great.