Review: Myst Equine Products

Who doesn’t like a gleaming, shiny, clean pony? I know I do. I’m also a sucker for cute packaging, which if I’m being honest, is what drew me to Myst Equine Products in the first place. Then it was the Instagram feed full of super shiny, beautiful testimonials that really got me reeled in.

I tried two products in their line, the Coat Elixir and the Dry Shampoo. The Coat Elixir is different than any other product I’ve come across before – it’s almost like a bath oil. You dilute it in water, sponge it on, wait a minute, then scrape it off. It’s not like your typical silicone shine spray that will cause the saddle to slip and damage the hair – you can sponge it all over and the ingredients are a cocktail of skin loving, anti-itch natural essential oils and ingredients. The coat is left super soft and shiny, but not slippery, and with no residue. My favorite thing about this product is that it works – it doesn’t just add shine, but it makes the coat healthy, too. I haven’t had to deal with any fungus since using the Coat Elixir, and Quinn looks like she’s glowing from within. I even saw some dapples starting to bloom, which is a first!


The dry shampoo is a huge time saver. I use this before I tack up. I spray it all over the coat, then curry. This lifts up all the dirt. Then, I use a body brush to sweep it all away. Pretty basic grooming steps, but the dry shampoo lifts up the dirt better and faster than AfterlightImage 28with currying alone, and the slight moisture helps the dust and dirt stick to the brush to lift it off entirely instead of just moving around on the coat. Side note: this isn’t how the instructions say to use it, but I find this works really well for me (actual instructions are: remove any loose dirt from the surface of the coat. Spray Dry Shampoo evenly onto the coat and remove with a clean brush or towel in the direction of the hair). Quinn stays fairly clean and doesn’t get manure or urine stained, so I can’t say first hand if it works on green spots or not. I’ve also used the dry shampoo after rides to conserve water (we are on a well and the high summer temps and drought make water conservation at the barn really important), and it gets the sweat out of her coat quickly and easily. This stuff, like the Coat Elixir, makes Quinn’s coat really soft and shiny, and smell AMAZING. I think they smell like vanilla mint or something – I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I take a deep breath every time I use these products.

The Coat Elixir and Dry Shampoo have become my favorite grooming products, and are now staples in my grooming box. They give the coat so much luster, and I love that they have an anti-itch herbal infusion, and never leave the coat greasy. I think it goes without saying, I highly recommend them! Bonus: they look beautiful in your tack trunk.


PS: I know there are no shortcuts to a truly well-groomed horse (curry until your arm falls off), but these products definitely make a big difference.

Thanks for reading! XO, Karina

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