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Noelle Floyd is one of the equestrian industry’s most prominent names in web and print, featuring the latest on riders, fashion, events, and more. Their brand brings together the equestrian community in the most stylish way possible. This year, Noelle Floyd has evolved into Noelle Floyd 2.0; with that has come their first ever subscription box, curated to encourage riders to practice self-care.

You spend your time taking care of your horse, so we’re taking care of you.

– NF.edit

Subscription boxes are like mini Christmases. There’s the element of surprise, and there tend to be items in them that a) I’ve never heard of, or b) wouldn’t think to buy but end up loving, or c) items that I know and love. On the downside, you risk not liking anything in the box. Luckily, Noelle Floyd’s foray into the subscription box world did not disappoint.


1. Noelle Floyd x Dreamers & Schemers Boot Socks (Retail Value: $17.95)

I was SO stoked to open up the box to these! I’m a huge fan of D&S socks, and these are completely different than any of their others. The dot design is knit into the sock, vs their usual printed variety, which makes them feel very exclusive. These also have an adorable saying knit in the bottoms, STAY GROUNDED, and the NF logo in orange on the ankles. These socks are super cute and stylish, as well as comfortable.

2. Scentuals Grapefruit Turmeric Hand Repair Cream (Retail Value: $7.63)

Equestrians are pretty hands-on people. From bathing our horses, to mixing grain, to applying liniments and poultices, our hands go through the wringer. I also prefer to ride without gloves, which adds extra wear on my hands. I’m horrible at remembering to use lotion but I was determined to actually use it and give my hands some TLC. This hand repair cream is non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and makes my hands look and feel much better. The Grapefruit Turmeric scent isn’t my favorite (well the turmeric part, really), but it’s not too strong and it works really well so I’m going to continue using it.

AfterlightImage 41

3. & 4. Scentuals De-Stress & Balance Aromatherapy Roll-On Oil (Retail Value: $12.23 each)

These roll-on essential oil blends are like a little spa escape! I’ve been taking a few minutes every night before bed to meditate and unwind, and aromatherapy has been a welcome addition to my routine. While I don’t believe oils will magically make you more balanced or less stressed, I do believe that having the intent and mindset does. These Scentuals roll-on aromatherapy oils helped me focus on achieving balance and calm. The scents are soothing and relaxing, I think we could all use a little more of that.


5. Equestrian Wellness Essential Helmet Spray (Retail value: $14)

Oh this stuff smells so good, like a mix of Christmas and the forest. The spray-on blend of natural essential oils is meant to “eliminate foul odors and refresh your sweaty things and spaces,” which for equestrians, is most things and spaces. This spray is wonderful for helmets that don’t have the convenient removable/washable liners, but my favorite place to spray it is in my car, where I’m pretty sure it smells more strongly of horses than the barn itself. This product got me to look at the rest of the Equestrian Wellness’ offerings, and I’m so happy to have discovered them through this box!


6. Ruespari Thin Surcingle Belt in Black, Size S/M (Retail Value: $75)

This was one of the most exciting items to find in this box. This belt alone retails for more that the price of the box, making it a stellar deal. I could never quite bring myself to spend $75 on an elastic belt, especially with the multitude of cute elastic belts available for under $40. I will say though, it does feel well-made and high quality. The hardware is beautiful and the elastic is stretchy while being supportive. This classic design looks great with both breeches and jeans as well!

Styled above with Struck breeches (left), Madewell top and jeans, black felt hat, Rebecca Minkoff bag (right).

BONUS: $50 credit to the NF. Shop

This box included a $50 credit code to the new NF. Shop. HOW. AWESOME. IS. THAT? I was jumping for joy. I’ve been dying to get a Free x Rein bodysuit, which is available in their store. With that code, I finally bought the Short Sleeve Moto Bodysuit, and it only cost me $65 (vs. $115). This was truly the cherry on top????.

$139.04 + $50 credit to the NF. Shop = $189.04 total value

At $59/box, this box is totally worth it. While I wouldn’t usually buy hand cream and essential oils, these are the items that encouraged me to practice a little more self-care.

My one critique is regarding the lack of variety in brands, as 3 of the 6 products were from Scentuals. I’d prefer everything to be from different brands and to discover something totally new.

Congrats to the NF team for curating a wonderful first subscription box –  I can’t wait to see what items will be in the next! ????

Get your own box here.

Disclosure: This NF. edit box was provided to me for this review. All opinions in this review remain truthful and my own. Links are not sponsored.

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