Society Wit Nail Laquer: The Equestrian Collection

Scrolling through Instagram late one night, I came across Society Wit. I’m always down for beautiful indie nail laquers, but this one was different – they had an EQUESTRIAN COLLECTION. Within moments I was giddily clicking the link to their site, scouring the equestrian-themed colors they had conjured. I couldn’t believe I had come across such an awesome thing, and I immediately DM’d them to see if I could do a blog feature, because I had to share this with the world. I knew I couldn’t be the only one to realize this was something that I had been missing, something I never even knew that I needed. So here I am, shouting about this collection from the proverbial rooftops of the internet.


I’ve been painting my own nails since middle school, and have an absurd amount of nail polish. These are the prettiest bottles in my vast collection; the little icons on them are so cute! But of course, nail laquer needs to be more than just a pretty package – it must be long-wearing, easy to apply, and preferably free of formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals. I did a wear test and this polish lasted 5 days before starting to chip, and that’s a solid amount of time in my book. Something about my nails doesn’t allow for polishes to adhere for a long amount of time (gel polish from a salon literally peels right off by day 2 for me). Most of my manicures last only about 3 days before starting to chip, so I was very happy with the 5 days I got with Society Wit’s polish.

All of the formulas were self-leveling and easy to apply. The brush gave good coverage. I did 2 coats for each swatch, and they all came out looking amazing. These polishes are also vegan and 10-free, which means they are free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, phthalates, and fragrances. Yay!

CAN’T TAME A COWGIRL, a beautiful neutral sandy beige inspired by the women of the wild west.


ASSATEAGUE ISLAND, a blue shade inspired by the waters surrounding the namesake island of wild ponies.


ARABIAN, a reddish-orange brown, inspired by the breed.


AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT, a gorgeous olive green inspired by equine culture and lucky talismans.


COUNTRY & CLASS, a classic deep crimson jelly polish. (This is my new go-to red)


SADDLE UP, a rich reddish-brown hue inspired by well-worn, aged leather.


DARK HORSE, a dark purple color as sophisticated as Edwina Tops-Alexander.


TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS, a blackened forest shade reminiscent of the rich, rolling hills of the countryside landscape.


All these shades are extremely wearable and perfect for fall, but shades like Can’t Tame A Cowgirl, Assateague Island, Country & Class, and As Luck Would Have It can easily be worn year-round. I’ll have these on rotation for the unforeseeable future. At $9/bottle, these are the perfect gift for anyone, equestrian or not. So thank you, Society Wit, for creating the nail polish collection I didn’t even know I was searching for.


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Disclosure: The Society Wit Equestrian Collection was kindly provided to me. All opinions in this review remain truthful and my own. Links are not sponsored.

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