Review: Foot Huggies UltraThin Boot Sock

I have a few pairs of Foothuggies’ original boot socks, which I love but are on the thicker side. This year, the brand came out with a new ultra thin design, featuring a calf as thin as a nylon sock and a strategically padded foot.


  • Padded foot. I especially appreciate the padding around the achilles tendon as this is where I tend to get blisters.
  • Simple design. I love my fun socks with prints on them, but it’s also nice to have a more classic design in my drawer. Their black sock is the sock version of the little black dress. Goes with everything, and always sophisticated.
  • Coolmax fabric. Moisture-wicking and breathable.
  • Ultrathin. The thin design makes wearing constricting tall boots a little more bearable ???? As you can see in the photo above, they’re so thin that they’re a little see through.


  • A bit pricy at $19.95/pair, but I think all riding socks are expensive (these do cost less than Foothuggies’ original boot sock, which is $24.95 though). I’ve always been used to the $10 for a pack of 6 socks, but those socks are crappy and do nothing for me. I find now that I’d much rather have just a few pairs of designated riding socks, as they really do make a big difference in your comfort level.

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Disclosure: The Foothuggies Ultra Thin Boot Sock was kindly provided to me. All opinions in this review remain truthful and my own. Links are not sponsored.

Photo by Sara Shier Photography.

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