Review: Heavenly Hoof Treats

Super cute (and Instagrammable) gourmet horse treats have been all the rage lately. Heavenly Hoof Treats is adding to the mix by creating a more affordable line of adorable goodies for your ponies. HHT kindly sent me some fall donut and pancake themed treats. They are of course adorable, but would my picky horses eat them? Turns out yes, they loved them.

They are made with flour, chia seeds, and molasses, so I wouldn’t classify them as very nutritious, but they’re a treat and meant to be yummy. I do appreciate the simple ingredients and that they’re not filled with chemicals and preservatives.

Heavenly Hoof Treats range in price from $6-12, and each package comes with multiple cookies. On average, the treats wind up working out to about $1/treat. The ones I got are a good size and you can break them into pieces to make them last longer if desired.

I know horses don’t care what treats look like, they just want to eat them. But these treats make me smile every time I see them in my tack locker – I mean who doesn’t love cute stuff? I normally just have peppermint candies as treats, which are cheap and easily accessible, but I’ve really been enjoying having these cute treats around. I’ll definitely be buying some for special occasions and holidays – they also make great gifts for your barnmates!????

If anything, these treats are worth it just to see this look on my horse’s face???? Thank HHT, my horses and I definitely approve.

“Gimme that treat already, mom!”

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Disclosure: Heavenly Hoof Treats fall donuts and pancakes were provided to me for this review. All opinions in this review remain truthful and my own. Links are not sponsored.

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