Review: Cavali Club Subscription Box

The subscription box game in the equestrian world has been SO good lately! Cavali Club is a new quarterly equestrian subscription box for horse & rider, featuring items from trending small businesses. They are currently on their second box, the winter edition, and let me tell you guys it is AMAZING. I honestly can’t believe it’s only $54.95. Let’s get into detail on the items included:

BOTORI Special Edition Beanie – Retail: $24

Botori’s pom pom beanies are my favorite, and the special color ways made for Cavali Club are so cute. The red hue is perfect for the holidays, and the brown faux fur pom is adorable. I was a little disappointed to find that the CC exclusive beanies do not have the detachable pom poms, but that hasn’t kept me from lovin’ this snuggly hat. You can find their other beanies here!

IMG_6195 2

EquineSnax Horse Treats – Retail: Approx. $4.50

These horse treats are so cute! They look like delicious little human desserts, with their frosted and sprinkled tops. ???? Most horses will like these, so they’re universally usable vs. an item like polo wraps.

Society Wit Equestrian Collection Nail Lacquer in Country and Class – Retail: $9

My favorite classic red hue. I am beyond excited that everyone has been loving Society Wit’s Equestian Collection nail lacquers as much as I do, and that more people are getting to try these pretty polishes through Cavali Club. (You can read my feature about this awesome brand here!)



Grey Horse Candle Co. Candle in Early Morning Hack – Retail: $17.50

I’ve been wanting to try these candles for a while now, but haven’t ever been able to smell them in person so I never bought one. They all have names and scents that will bring you straight to your happy place (with your horse), wherever you may be. Early Morning Hack is described by Grey Horse Candles as “the smell of crisp air and morning dew in the countryside, and the soothing feeling you get while taking in the scenery and soaking up the sunrise. Just you and your horse.” Surprisingly, I found this scent to be fairly accurate to that description. To me it smells like dewy fields and apples – clean and fresh. It burns evenly and fills the room with with its scent, but isn’t overpowering. I’d definitely purchase this candle and would love to try more of their scents.

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Hunt Seat Paper Co. Notecard Set – Retail: Approx. $9.50 ($19 for a set of 10 – set of 5 is a CC exclusive).

I ?? anything and everything from Hunt Seat Paper Co. Thank you notes are so special and meaningful in our digital age, so I love having these around to be able to hand-write notes to people. Perfect for writing thank you’s to your patient trainer or to your grandma who always remembers to send you a birthday card.

HorseGloss Classic Bit Watch in Black/Rose Gold – Retail: $81.84

HorseGloss is a UK brand of equestrian athleisure, horsewear, and jewelry. In the winter box is their Classic Bit Watch – simple, and as the name implies, classic. It’s an easy-to-wear piece but still eye catching with its rose gold case. Opening up the box to find a watch was pretty impressive – especially since it doesn’t look cheap. I’ll be honest, I am horrible at telling time on an analog clock, so this watch is more just jewelry in my case. Because of my inability to tell time and because I have an Apple Watch, this isn’t something I’d personally purchase but it’s beautiful and adds great value to the box. PS: this would make a great gift to a friend if it’s something you don’t need.

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Sport Horse Essentials Coat Spray, 16 oz. – Retail: $16

This is an item that has been making its way across everyones Instagram feeds. I’ve already been using this product and love it – it makes them so shiny without any residue or slipperiness, and is filled with coat nourishing ingredients. It’s also 100% USEF and FEI compliant, and their labels are super cute so they also look fabulous in your tack box.

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Total Estimated Retail Value: $162.32

The retail price obviously greatly exceeds the subscription box price of $54.95, providing great monetary value, but even more importantly this box provided value in that everything in it was something I actually liked and/or wanted. You can easily get a box that’s worth more than it’s price (that’s the point of subscription boxes after all), but finding one that has good items that you’ll actually use is a bit harder. I was lucky enough to get this box sent to me for free, but I’d 1000% buy it myself. This would also make a truly fabulous gift for anyone in your equestrian circle of friends. I so appreciate that all the brands used are small businesses and most are made by the shop owners themselves. This box really brought its A game, and takes home the blue ribbon.

The winter box is almost sold out – get yours here!

Disclosure: The Cavali Club Winter Box was kindly provided to me. All opinions in this review remain truthful and my own. Links are not sponsored.

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