Hattie Banks, Will You Be My Valentine?

This is not a drill: Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (but wasn’t it just Christmas?) V-Day is a day of love, single or taken. A day to celebrate love with someone else, or to treat yourself and practice self-love. Is it a commercially manufactured holiday shaped by society? Sure. But any day to celebrate love, I’m down with. While my husband and I don’t usually do gifts for this occasion, I always find myself scouring the internet and lusting after fine jewelry – especially when it comes to the equestrian-themed variety.

I featured the Hattie Banks Lucky Shoe necklace in my Holiday Gift Guide, but I love this piece so much that I wanted to give it it’s own post for another holiday that it is perfect for. Dainty and simple, yet meaningful, this necklace is my definition of the perfect everyday piece, and the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift; it shows your love for the horse, the sport, and the people who support you in it.

Owner/Designer Hattie Gilpin is an avid equestrian, and her inspired capsule collection reflects just that. The horseshoe is not only a classic equestrian symbol, but a talisman for good luck. Many believe that the horseshoe collects the luck, and keeps it from flowing out.

Owner/Designer Hattie Gilpin

This necklace comes in 3 different golds (yellow, rose, or white, all 14k) and carries an offset 3mm rose cut diamond. The luxe materials used in fine jewelry are used for both their beauty and their durability. All HB jewelry is handmade in New York with precious metals and ethically sourced stones and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Priced at $950, this necklace is an investment to be cherished and handed down as an heirloom.

While there are so many renditions of the horseshoe necklace out there, from $15 ones on Etsy to Tiffany’s, Hattie Banks’ is still my favorite. It’s the perfect size and design for everyday wear and is crafted with the materials to withstand it. When I wear jewelry, I live in it, which is why so many cheap necklaces I have get maybe 3 months wear and then are tarnished and/or leave a *super attractive* green ring around my neck.

I’m all about boutique brands that have a story and a voice behind them -brands where the designer’s presence is evident. Hattie Banks is a successful luxury brand, but it’s still accessible – you can see who the designer is, you can follow her on Instagram, and you can see exactly where her inspiration comes from. That’s the experience that I crave, where I can connect with a brand on a deeper level, and why shopping with Hattie Banks is so much more personal than just ordering a David Yurman necklace from Nordstrom. I’m coming for you, Lucky Shoe necklace – one day I will have you. Until then, this love affair will have to wait. ??

Photo: My Equestrian Style

PS: All Hattie Banks jewelry is made to order and fully customizable with options for gemstones, chain lengths, and finishes. They can take 4-6 weeks to make so if you want one for Valentine’s Day (or any day, really), I highly suggest ordering asap!

Cover Photo: My Equestrian Style

Necklace Stock Photo: Hattie Banks

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