New Horse, Who Dis?

Ah, that new horse smell. Is there anything better than the excitement of a new horse – or better yet, your first horse? All the possibilities, the new quirks to learn…and all the new tack. PJ Sedgwick of BOTORI threw out a blogger challenge on Instagram, wanting to know what would be on the list of must-haves if starting fresh. So whether you’re on your magical first or adding another stunner to your herd, here’s what’s in my “New Horse Kit.”


Well-fitting tack is of the utmost importance, as it can greatly effect the comfort of your horse. My picks below are great for both schooling and showing on the A-Circuit!


This is going to be totally different for everyone, as saddles are so dependent on you and your horse’s individual needs. It’s the most important piece of tack (and the most expensive). Riding is so much about your body’s angles, so having a saddle that puts you in a good position is key – riding in the wrong saddle can work against you, causing unnecessary issues. But how the saddle fits the horse is by far the most important. An ill-fitting saddle can cause major pain and potentially worse, permanent problems for your horse. Consult your trainer and/or a saddle fitting expert when looking for a new saddle. I highly recommend reaching out to local saddle reps to try different brands and fits – they usually have used saddles available as well, which is a great way to save money.

Bridle: Harmohn Kraft Aramas Fancy Stitch Bridle, $229.99

Aramas bridles look and feel twice as expensive as they are. They’re beautiful, soft, and supple, and feature fancy stitching and a recessed monocrown. They are high quality and well-made with tight, even stitching.

Girth: Ovation Fancy Stitched Overlay Girth, $169.95

Ovation makes wonderful affordable & durable tack. While leather girths aren’t as easy-care as a synthetic girth you can throw in the wash, they will last the longest and can be shown in in any ring.

Horse Boots: Equifit’s Essential Boots, $79.95

These are the perfect all-around pair – great for jumping, flatting, and turnout. They’re highly impact absorbing, non-neoprene, breathable, durable, and easy to care for.

Saddle Pads: SmartPak Lite AP Saddle Pad, $19.95

These incredibly affordable pads are contoured to fit your horse’s back, are easy to wash, and hold up great. Piping gives it an updated look. Get your barn logo or monogram embroidered on it for a personal touch.

*Half pads will depend on your horse and saddle combo, but I love my Invictus Necesse Half Pad.

Halter: Walsh Triple Stitched Halter, $121.95

Not only is this halter stunning, but it’s built to last and will just get better with use. I only use leather crown halters as they will break in case of an emergency.

Lead: Weaver Original Poly Lead Rope, $9.82

These come in all sorts of colors & have durable brass hardware.

Bits: Discuss what bits may be a good choice for your horse with your trainer!


The essentials for your daily routine!

Grooming: Oster Equine Care Series™ 7-Piece Grooming Kit, $63.95

Easy peasy. This kit has it all, plus a carrier to keep it organized. They’re not made of cheapy plastic like the starter kits for kids and are comfortable to hold. As you get to know your horse, you can determine what kinds of brushes they like best and what works best for their coats, but this is a great starting point.

Dry Shampoo: Myst Equine Products Dry Shampoo, $24

This stuff is natural but works, smells great, makes your horse super-duper shiny, AND has super cute packaging.

Liniment: Bigeloil Liquid Gel, $11.95

Tried and true! I love this liniment in the gel form as it’s much easier to apply.

Shampoo: Shapley’s Hi Shine Shampoo, $9.99

I love this shampoo as it cleans well without drying out the coat (a little goes a long way) and rinses out so easily. There’s nothing more annoying that rinsing your horse for what seems like and hour, trying to get those suds to be gone.

Fly Spray: Espree Herbal Fly Repellent Concentrate, $19.95

Fly sprays full of chemicals scare me as my horses and I are probably breathing some in. This concentrate is the only herbal fly spray that I’ve found that works, and because it’s a concentrate, it lasts forever.

Hoof Oil: Sound Hoof Conditioner, $24.99

This stuff is the bessssst! It’s non-toxic, keeps hooves in tip-top shape, and best of all, smells like cake batter.


Blanket: SmartPak Ultimate EasyMotion Turnout Blanket, currently on sale for $128.22!

This blanket has multiple features like a high neck you can roll back, ergonomic gussets, and a 10-year indestructible guarantee – so no need to spend extra $$ on multiple blankets if your horse shreds them!

First Aid & Care

All you need for your new steed – time to enjoy the ride ??

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