Vision Apparel Breech Review

Breeches are a daily essential – I spend more time wearing them than I do jeans. I’ve tried most of the “big brand” breeches, and have really been enjoying getting to try the smaller brands. These brands tend to have a very close relationship with their customers, taking feedback and updating their products as needed. Vision Apparel is a Canadian company with a goal to produce breeches that offer comfort, style, and meet the performance demands of today’s equestrians without breaking the bank. It’s so crazy to me that some of the most “in” breeches right now run well above $300…but I’ll say the more expensive options usually offer incredibly comfortable technical fabrics and beautiful (often Italian) styling. So how do Vision Apparel’s $179.95 breeches rank in comparison?

My first impression – 10/10 on packaging. They come in their own little garment bag with a matte black hanger – so cute!!

Style: A+ on style! They look like a pair of high end breeches. I’d describe them as “Sarm Hippique meets Animo.” I love the piping detail, silicone knee patch, and sock bottom. They also have a silicone logo print on the inner part of the waistband to keep shirts tucked in.

Fit: Pretty rue to size, and definitely low-rise. I’d prefer them to be higher rise with a wider waistband, but it’s not a deal-breaker. I got a 28 and they’re tight in the waist, good everywhere else, which is typical for a 28 for me. I think a 30 would’ve been to baggy in the legs. The fit is slimming and seriously flattering on the booty.

Fabric: The fabric is a stretchy, smoothing, mid-weight fabric that holds you in. I rode in & washed my pair as often as possible to get the best idea of how they wear. The fabric hasn’t pilled or faded one bit, and doesn’t seem like it’s going to. These breeches definitely keep their shape and don’t bag out. My only issue has been that the silicone knee patches have been doing something funky where a layer of silicone comes off in flakes when I ride – but it doesn’t seem to be wearing off completely. I don’t know if it’s just wearing the top layer off or what – it’s almost like it’s shedding a skin. I’ll update if it becomes worse, but it hasn’t really effected the look or the effectiveness of them thus far. KNEE PATCH UPDATE: Vision Apparel reached out to let me know that the pair that I got was from their first run, in which the manufacturer double siliconed the knee patch – hence the peeling of the top layer. They have fixed the issue so if you get a pair, they shouldn’t have any problems!

Price: At $179.95, you get a lot of features normally found in high-end breeches. While the fabric isn’t as luxurious as say, Cavalleria Toscana’s, they’re much nicer than most breeches in the price range.

Overall: A great pick for those looking for high-end style without paying $300+.

These breeches come in 5 different colors – shop them here!

Disclosure: Vision Apparel Breeches were provided for the purpose of this review. All opinions in this review remain 100% truthful and my own. Links are not sponsored.

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