Livy Rose Totes

As a blogger, rider, and human in general, I carry a lot of stuff with me. I love my bags (and have more than I should) and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add another to my arsenal – especially one designed with the equestrian in mind. Livy Rose was founded by a Kentucky born and raised horse lover who believes accessories should not only be functional, but reflective of the things you love. I’m on board with that! The brand currently has a tote bag and some super cute tassel keychains, with plans to expand their line later this year.

The tote is made of structured canvas with PU handles and piping, and a quintessentially equestrian crest on the front. It doesn’t have any specific add-ons for equestrian-related things like a ring bag – it has a zippered pocket on the interior but other than that the design is simple. So in theory, yes, it’s just another tote, but it’s actually a really really good one. It holds a ton and keeps things organized due to its structured body. Most totes that carry a lot become somewhat of a Mary Poppins bag, and things get lost and I wind up spending 5 minutes rummaging around just to find my damn wallet. It’s very sturdy, well-made, and I’m not worried about a strap breaking on me. Because the straps are PU and not leather, they are a bit stiff and require more of a break-in period. It’s cute and matches pretty much everything. I’ve found myself reaching for this bag on most days, as it holds everything I need and more – see what I pack in my bag below!

I can easily pack my 15″ laptop and iPad along with a stylus, book, drink, makeup bag, leash, sunglasses, wallet, asthma inhaler, and essential oil rollerball.

I love my Livy Rose tote and can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Livy Rose. All opinions in this remain 100% truthful and my own – I promise! ??

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