What to Wear: Winter/Spring Transitional Weather

The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is check the weather to figure out what I’m going to wear. Hot? Cold? Both, it seems as of late. Going from Winter to Spring is when the weather can’t seem make up its mind (at least here in Southern CA). Days can vary from cold and rainy to sunny & 75° in a matter of hours. Therefore, layering is key – plus, it makes for some super cute outfits.

I know this is nothing revolutionary or new, but collared shirts + pullovers is my favorite way to layer for this type of weather. It’s easy and looks polished, with or without the sweater. Sweaters and sweatshirts are also super comfy and don’t look sloppy when paired with a collared shirt.

Have fun with different collar shapes and styles. Here are some of my favorite shirts to wear under sweaters:

(From left to right)

The Stand Up Collar: Cavalleria Toscana 3 Stripe Polo (and on sale!)

The Peter Pan Collar: Dada Sport Winningmood Polo

The Polo Collar: Ariat Sunstopper Polo

For pullovers, choose ones that don’t have too wide of a neck opening. Opt for crew necks and V-necks, as these styles look best with collars. These are the sweaters/sweatshirts I live in:

(From left to right)

The Everyday Staple: Universal Thread Crewneck Sweatshirt

The Cozy Sweatshirt: Gray & Bay Horse Co. Crew Sweater

The Triple Threat – Chic, Classic, and Comfortable: Two Bits Equestrian Bamboo V Neck

Mix and match your shirts and sweaters for a variety of outfits. Add a jacket for an extra layer of warmth or protection against the rain. Throw on some jeans and tennies and you’re ready for the “normal world.” The simple combo of a collared shirt & sweater (or sweatshirt) is very versatile one!

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