My Top Affordable(ish) Breech Picks

You guys, I’m on such a breech kick right now. I truly can’t thank you enough for all the feedback on The Little Breech Book and I wanted to address one of the comments I’ve been getting quite often – that a lot of the breeches chosen were too expensive, and believe me, I hear you. While I stand by my favorite, I wanted to throw some of my more affordable breech picks out there, ranging in price from $99-$154. I know that this price range is still steep all things considered, but I find that truly cheap breeches are usually not worth even a penny due to quality, fabric, and fit issues. For those looking to spend as little as possible, I highly recommend shopping high-quality consignment.

Kerrits Crossover Knee Patch Breeches – $99

Ultra stretchy and light-weight fabric, flattering high-rise waistband.

Ovation Celebrity Slim Secret Classic Knee Patch Breeches – $104.95

I love the “tummy panel” in these – they’re so flattering!

BOTORI Taylor Riding Tight – $110

The only actual “riding tight” that I wear and love. They still manage to look put together, and I often wear these with regular clothes or to the gym.

Horze Grand Prix Women’s Silicone Knee Patch Breeches – $119.95

Fabric that feels like yoga pants, but with classic that looks put together and professional.

Ovation Aqua X Silicone Grip Knee Patch Breech – $129.95 – $139.95 (They went up $10 but you can still find some for $129.95)

These breeches are unmatched when it comes to summer riding. The cooling fabric feels so nice and they’ve held up well for the few years I’ve had them.

Eq Athletica Manoonies Breeches – Approx. $135 USD (plus use THEHUNT10 for $10 off!)

These breeches are super flattering and comfortable. Read more about why I love these breeches here.

RJ Classics Gulf Breeches – $154

I love these breeches. The fabric stays clean, they look great, feel great, and are really well made – I’ve had mine for a couple years and they still look brand new!


SmartPak Piper Original Knee Patch Breeches – $79.95 (but often on sale)

They’re cute, comfy, and at a great price point – but they aren’t high enough quality in my opinion. After one ride, the inner thighs start to pill and they just doesn’t hold up over time. I personally would rather spend $50 more to get a longer lasting, higher quality breech, but if you’re looking for something really budget friendly and/or you don’t ride that often, these are still far better than other breeches at this price.

Let me know what your favorite affordable breeches are and how you find the best deals!

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