From the Archives: Huntley Equestrian Half Chaps Review

This post is from my old blog, Boots & Breeches. This review was written in 2016, but I still agree with what I wrote!

My schooling tall boots sadly came to their end a couple weeks ago, so I was faced with a true first world problem – shell out $400+ for new tall boots (which I didn’t/don’t currently have) or $129 for some nice looking half chaps. I decided to take the half chap route to save myself some money and wait until my birthday/Christmas to get new tall boots. 

Honestly, I didn’t know if I could do the half chap thing after wearing ever-so-convenient tall boots for so long. But I love these. They are so soft & grippy, conform to the leg and look pretty much just like tall boots, especially with a spur on them. When I first got them I wasn’t sure how I felt, because they were a little too shiny and structured. After some time at the barn in the dirt and in the saddle, they were perfect. They dropped a little bit, conformed to my ankle, and melded with my paddock boot. 

Another reason I love these so much is that they’re not a pain in the butt to get on – I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had our fair share of struggles to get a pair of half chaps on at some point in our equestrian lives! These zip from the bottom and once zipped up, the zipper miraculously stays put!!! Pretty much every single tall boot I’ve ever had zips down during my ride unless I put the zipper tab in the keeper thing. These half chaps don’t have those, so it’s a good thing they stay put! 

Overall, I definitely recommend these half chaps. They seem to be of nice quality, look and feel beautiful, and ride great. 

Below are some photos of me wearing my Huntley Equestrian Half Chaps in a lesson a few weeks ago! 

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