My Free x Rein Bodysuit Tell-All

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Bodysuits are one of the biggest trends in fashion right now – I mean who doesn’t love the thought of shirts staying tucked in without any excess fabric, right? Well, I can tell you that when you get a bad bodysuit, it doesn’t matter how well your top stays tucked into those high-waisted jeans because nothing is worse than an intrusive, uncomfortable bodysuit.

It’s no secret that our parts down there can be very sensitive, and snap hardware and extra seams can do a lot of things you don’t want them to do. And if the shirt isn’t cut just right or the material stretchy enough, you might as well feel like Borat in this suit…and sorry, but that feeling is not very nice.

Anyways, now that you have that image in your head, let’s talk riding bodysuits. These were brought onto the equestrian style scene by NYC based brand Free x Rein, and though their stuff is SUPER cute, I know a lot of us are scared of bodysuits. Whether it be from a bad experience or just the mere thought of it, most people I know are standoffish about the whole concept – especially when riding horses is involved.

I didn’t think I was wary of riding in a bodysuit (after all, I had purchased it myself after wanting one for months) but my actions tell me that I subconsciously felt otherwise. I purchased my Free x Rein bodysuit from the NF Shop, using the coupon code I received in last October’s NF. edit box. Yup, I’ve has this top for over half a year and just now finally rode in it. And I’m kicking myself for waiting so long, because I loved it.

The FxR bodysuits are super stretchy, lightweight, and comfortable, stay tucked without pulling anywhere, don’t chafe, and are so cute. But the biggest surprise “pro” was that the snap closure placement combats camel toe. *Warning, possible TMI ahead* I don’t know about you, but every time I get off my horse the first thing I do is pick my frontal wedgie. But when I hopped off after riding in my bodysuit, everything was where it was supposed to be, and not lodged in uncomfortable places. It was nothing short of a miracle. This bodysuit has a thong bottom which is a huge plus for me as they’re all I wear (I’m tellin’ ya, I really hate extra fabric in my pants). I wear this bodysuit over my underwear, but if you’re not a thong fan, I’m not sure how this would work for you.

I have a short torso, but this fabric is STRETCHY. I imagine these bodysuits will accommodate a very wide range of body types because the fabric is so giving. They run on the larger size and I recommend ordering a size down. For reference, I usually wear a large in tops and the medium bodysuit is still generous in the waist.

I am now a Free x Rein bodysuit convert (and breeches but that’s for another time) and can’t believe I waited this long to give it a go. If you’ve been eyeing their bodysuits, give it a go – I truly don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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