LAUNCH ALERT: Nöelle Floyd x Brunette the Label | The BARN BABE TEE

Ohhhhh my gosh I’m so excited to share this tee with you!! The total boss babe companies NOËLLE FLOYD and Brunette the Label have come together to create a limited edition, NF exclusive piece – The Barn Babe Tee.

This tee is so cute and high quality – this isn’t your typical Hanes variety. It’s super soft, has some stretch, and isn’t see-through. But what makes me love this tee even more is what it stands for.

The Barn Babe Tee symbolizes everything we love about riding: camaraderie, community, and the spirit of teamwork between horse and rider.


To me, being a #barnbabe at its core is about being a supportive barnmate to your human friends and being the best partner you can be to your equine teammate.

Some OG #barnbabes

Remember The Saddle Club with Carole, Stevie, and Lisa? That’s what I picture when I think of #barnbabes! Adventure, friendship, support, and most of all horsemanship.

Barn Babes are the ones who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty and put in the hours of hard work and dedication, who support and spread kindness to those around them, who live and breathe the equestrian lifestyle, all while scrolling through IG looking for their next #ROOTD inspo. To me, #barnbabes are the ultimate badasses.

You can get your own limited edition Barn Babe tee here! Now tell me…what does being a Barn Babe mean to you?

I was kindly gifted this tee. All thoughts & opinions remain my own!

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