Current Favorite Grooming Supplies

Good daily grooming is SO important but I’m also usually pressed for time in the mornings, so effective products are my top priority. Over the past couple of months I’ve added a few products to my grooming box that have really blown me away:


This tool is a GAME. CHANGER. I’ve tried shedding blades and blocks before, but none of them hold a candle to this. It gets dirt and hair that I didn’t think even existed out of my horses’ coats, adds incredible shine, all while being extremely gentle. Quinn is sensitive and usually twitches her back when using any curry comb, but not with the StripHair. I love that you can use it on their legs and face too. It’s replaced most of the body brushes in my kit, and now I just use this followed by a dandy flick brush to sweep off the debris brought up by the StripHair. Quinn’s never looked shinier, and grooming has been so quick and simple.

Grooming Quinn with the StripHair – and I thought she already looked pretty clean before I started to brush her!


I’ve used a lot of detanglers over the years – Show Sheen, Cowboy Magic, Eqyss, EcoLicious, Laser Sheen…they’ve all been ok for the most part but they’re usually missing something – the ones that do a really good job at detangling and repelling dirt dry out the hair, and the ones that don’t dry out the hair can get greasy and wind up attracting more dirt. Well people, this is as perfect as a detangler can get. a few sprays and Quinn’s thick tail is easy to brush through without pulling hairs out, and stays that way for DAYS. Her dock used to be a but flaky and dry but not since I’ve started using this. Her tail looks and feels great – and without residue or buildup. It’s formulated with anti-itch and moisturizing ingredients, and totally delivers on all its claims. When I run out, I’ll be ordering the 84 oz. refill.


I’ve been using this natural fly spray since I received a press package for it a couple of months ago, and my horses and I have been loving it so far. Both of my horses are sensitive-skinned, so harsh ingredients don’t fly with them, and it scares me to potentially be breathing in insecticides when I’m spraying my horses with fly spray. Our bug season has been especially bad this year with all the rain we’ve had, so this stuff has really been put to the test. While I’ve only noticed positive things, I’m also not standing watching my horses for hours to see how long it takes before a fly lands on them again. I can say that I never see them covered in flies when I spray them daily. Prior to using NEIGH, I had been using this natural fly repellent, which I love because the concentrate makes multiple bottles of fly spray for under $30. I’ll probably do a comparison test down the line to see how much better the NEIGH fly spray works in order to justify the cost. I’ll keep you updated!

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