My Favorite Bridles on a Budget

Bridles are my favorite piece of tack – the fancy stitching, supple leather, and face-framing qualities make it hard to compare. Nothing else makes your horse’s face look dressed up quite like a bridle does!

Bridles come in so many different styles and in a wide range of prices and are largely personal preference. You might prefer the look of a square raised wide noseband with padding or maybe your horse prefers an anatomic crown. There are also multiple noseband types (figure 8, drop, w/flash, etc) but today I’m just going to give you a run-down of my favorite snaffle bridles under $250 – including reins!

Ovation Fancy Stitched Comfort Crown Padded Bridle: $194.99

Ovation makes great bridles for the price range. All Ovation bridlework I’ve had has worn like iron, yet has stayed supple and beautiful at the same time.

C&C Signature Fancy Stitch Traditional Bridle with Removable Flash: $140

This bridle features a ton of great features like soft padding, a monocrown, and a completely removable flash. The leather is flexible out of the box and gets even more supple with use. You can read my full review on this bridle here.

Bobby’s English Tack Signature Series Round Raised Padded Monocrown Snaffle Bridle: $239.95

Bobby’s has been another brand that has impressed me with its durability and quality. Their leather starts out a little stiffer, but eventually softens with use and is great for every-day use.

My favorite way to get bridles is second-hand. I’ve often found $500+ bridles for around $300 or even less. For pre-loved tack, my sources include:

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