In the PALM of your hand…

Over the past decade, phones have grown a lot – in both size and technology. They’re more like little computers, and addictive/useful as ever. One company is doing things a little differently though; ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my review of the new Palm.

This little device measures just 3.8 inches, and literally fits in the palm of your hand. It fits in those tiny useless-until-now pockets in the waistband of your leggings, and very easily fits into breech & jean pockets. Plus, you know that little wristlet you have but never use because your phone makes it so you can’t be truly hands-free? It fits in there too.

But can it do anything, you ask? Why yes, it can. It can do everything your average smartphone can do, with the only restriction being the size of your thumbs (it really is tiny). It runs on Android, which definitely took getting used to as someone who runs on Apple systems, but it’s fairly user friendly. It can be used as a standalone phone or as a companion device if you have Verizon, much like how the Apple Watch pairs with the iPhone. I have AT&T so I didn’t get to experience the companion feature as in depth as I would have hoped, but nonetheless I get a ton of use out of this device. Without Verizon, you have to transfer your current phone’s SIM card. I usually keep a pin on me to easily pop the SIM out of my iPhone and put it into the Palm. With your phone’s SIM, it has all talk/text capabilities. You can still use all the apps when just on WiFi though! I find it perfect for any time you want to pack minimally: horse shows, concerts, the gym, the beach, etc. The speakers pack a punch and make for a great portable speaker as well.

The Palm was made for minimalists and comes equipped with “Life Mode”, which mutes notifications while the screen is inactive. I am a firm believer of being totally present while riding, and don’t think phones and texting have a place in the warm-up ring. But I am also a firm believer of safety, and being able to contact someone in case of emergency is a must in my book. With the Palm, I love that you have that line of contact without having distractions. It’s really nice to disconnect a bit and to live in the moment, while still being able to access your Spotify playlist and find your way home via GPS.

At $349 (plus $50 off with code HORSE50) the Palm is a great addition for anyone on the go and a great safety measure for riders. And don’t worry, it has both rear and front facing cameras, so you can still capture that moment when your horse does something cute (aka just standing there). Plus, it’s a lot easier to stomach $349 if it gets lost, stolen, or stepped on by your horse than the $1k+ an iPhone will run you.

Is it a perfect piece of technology? Of course not, there’s no such thing. When it comes to the Palm‘s downfalls, the size that makes it so convenient can also make it frustrating to use for people with bigger hands and less-than-stellar eyesight – my dad wouldn’t last a day with this phone. The camera isn’t the best, but it does the job. The battery life could use a boost as well.

Photos below taken with the Palm, completely unedited

I think of Palm like a glorified iPod nano, if you remember those – super small and sleek, but with full functionality if you need it. While I’ll never give up my gigantic iPhone 11 Pro Max, I’m a huge believer in this little phone.

Disclosure: The Palm was sent to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions in this review remain 100% truthful and my own. Links are not sponsored.

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