From Water Bottle to Girth: Oaklyn Equestrian

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A girth made from water bottles? Are you as intrigued as I am? Oaklyn Equestrian has set out to disrupt the traditional tack market with an eco-and-animal-friendly alternative – their Terra girths are made from recycled post-consumer plastic water and soda bottles. These girths come with a removable neoprene or fleece liner, making it easy to keep your girth clean.

They have multiple designs, from fancy stitching to a really cool aztec print, so whatever your style, they’ve got you covered. I also love that they have the option of black fancy stitching and black wool liners, which are totally unique. I went for the traditional look with white fleece/white fancy stitch, as Quinn is sensitive to neoprene. I want to point out that the fleece liners are made from natural wool, but just the wool. Not the actual sheepskin, which for obvious reasons is not animal-friendly. Oaklyn’s wool is sourced only from US farmers who adhere to strict animal husbandry and land management standards, ensuring both the sheep and earth are treated humanely and respectfully, which is so important.

Everything seems to be extremely high quality, from the ultra-plush liner, to the buckles, to the construction. The velcro attaching the liner is strong and sturdy yet flexible, and has held up to lots of use.

My favorite thing about this girth is how easy it is to clean. I tossed the liner in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle, and it was almost completely dry when I took it out – so it definitely does a good job wicking moisture without holding it in. I then put it in the dryer on low, and gave it a brush with their slicker brush. It looks good as new.

The only thing I’d prefer to be different is the elastic. I prefer a little thicker elastic, and the elastic on this is pretty stretchy. This makes it super easy to tighten, but I worry that it can be easily over-tightened because of this. It’s definitely not weak, just very elastic if that makes sense. I got a size 50, (where my other girths are 52s) so I recommend sizing down to allow for the extra give in the elastic. I’ve experienced no slipping or pinching issues though, and Quinn seems to love it! It really does feel comfy, and I highly prefer it to the other fleece girths I’ve had before.

As far as price point goes, I think $89.99 is a phenomenal price for this girth. The convenience factor of being able to clean a real wool girth so easily is SO nice. They also carry replacement liners, so if yours gets thrashed or you want to switch it for another material, you can – and for under $35. The neoprene version of the girth is $84.99, so the difference in price between the two is fairly negligible.

I really love and appreciate Oaklyn Equestrian’s mission and hope to see more green tack from them in the future. If you want to give one of their girths a try, you can use code NEWFRIENDS15 for 15% off!

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