Winter Favorites

Happy 2020 everyone! I’ve been taking a little break and enjoying time with friends, family, and my herd, so I figured I’d catch up with some of my recent cold-weather favorites.


I got some new blankets for Quinn & Cheers this year, which I never thought would be super exciting but I was proven wrong! For Quinn, I got a Therapy-Tec turnout blanket, which has therapeutic properties and helps increase circulation. Since I started using this blanket, Quinn has felt so balanced. It has the nicest memory foam padding at the wither, and is the best blanket I’ve had by far. I highly recommend it, especially for performance horses or those with cold backs!

Cheers didn’t get clipped this year but he’s very sensitive to the cold, so he got the cutest lightweight blanket. It hasn’t rubbed his high wither at all, and it makes me smile every time I see him in it.


I’ve never tried anything from Dublin before, but after getting this jacket, I’m officially a fan. I’ve been wearing this jacket non-stop this winter! This puffer jacket manages to be slim-fit and flattering, easy to move in, super warm, and light-weight all at the same time. The ultra-soft lining on the collar is my favorite and the buttoned flap on the back makes it perfect for riding.


We use our hands SO much being horse people – from riding to mucking, grooming, cleaning tack, bathing…the list goes on and on. Cold weather is my already dry skin’s #1 nemesis, so add that into the mix and my hands look and feel like sandpaper. The problem is, I hate the feeling of product on my hands, and if it doesn’t absorb immediately, I won’t use it. I hate creams and lotions that get all over everything you touch. Luckily I was kindly sent some of Equilibre’s hand cream, and this stuff is amaaaaazing. It’s everything you want in a hand cream – silky, moisturizing, absorbs immediately, leaves no residue (I can immediately use my phone or computer after), and has a light scent that doesn’t linger. They claim it has a calming effect to both horse and human due to the lavender in it, but I don’t put lotion on my hands while at the barn so I can’t attest to this. What I can attest to though, is that it’s a stellar hand cream and has saved my hands this season.

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