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Oooooh I have been SO excited about this brand. I’ve been dying to try their stuff for so long – everything is so sporty-chic, and who doesn’t love their clever brand name? As with all high-end equestrian clothing though, the question is, is it worth the $$$? That’s ultimately up to you, but I can tell you a little bit about the pieces I have and what sets them apart.

I have a few pieces from Horse Pilot that I will review in detail below: the X-Pure 2.0 breeches, the Hybrid Tempest Jacket, and their new Air Motion vest & jacket system.

X-PURE 2.0 BREECHES (in the US at EQU)

These have been the most intriguing to me as they have no knee patch. Yup, you read that right – none of their breeches have knee patches. When I first read that, I was utterly skeptical – how could a high-performance breech not have some ultra grippy grippies? They claim that the fabric they’re made of creates enough friction itself, and they’re right. I never realize I don’t have a knee patch when riding in these, and the lack of seams from it makes for a super sleek, comfortable breech.

I LOVE the waist on these. They are cut high in the back, and lower in the front, really giving your hips a hug. I prefer mid-high rise breeches, and this is kind of a hybrid that I think most people will love. The legs are “preshaped” which basically means the legs have a slight bend to them, reducing bulk behind the knee in the saddle. They have compression calves, which feel really good after a hard ride. The mesh pocket doesn’t do much as it doesn’t quite fit my giant iPhone Pro Max, but I ride with my Free x Rein Hip Bag when I want my phone on me anyways. My perfect size is a 29, and I got these in a large, but I probably could’ve gone with a medium and been fine – a huge shocker to me as the size large in their other breech was a bit snug in the waist but since they don’t have any waist seams, the X-Pure is a lot stretchier/will accommodate more body types.


I’m a sucker for asymmetric zip jackets, but that’s not my favorite feature on this cozy jacket – the little glovies in the sleeves are. Most jackets/sweaters that have a thumbhole in the sleeve don’t really do anything for me, but these are an extra piece sew into the cuffs and are sooo warm and comfy. I’ve worn them both over my gloves on super cold days and with them tucked back into the sleeve.

The material on this jacket is both ultra breathable and warm, and I never get the cold sweats in it. The arms are preshaped like their breeches, allowing for the fit to be tailored without pulling. I got a size XL (I always size up in European brands) and it’s slightly big but doesn’t look oversized since it has such a tailored cut. My only qualms with this piece is that the pink accents wound up being a bit brighter than appeared on the website, and that the zippered arm pocket doesn’t serve much purpose. Otherwise, you’ve got yourself one heck of a high-performance jacket.


First of all, sorry I don’t have better photos of this yet! This was my big Christmas gift so I didn’t have it when shooting the other Horse Pilot items. Also sorry for wearing jeans (lazy tbh, no other excuse lol) – I’ll update images when I have them!

Can you believe there’s a full safety vest zipped into this jacket?? When trying this jacket on at EQU, I was fully prepared to look like the Michelin Man, but was so pleasantly surprised. Safety is my number 1 priority when it comes to riding, and I’m always looking for ways to protect myself. This is a really dangerous sport, and I think we lose sight of that sometimes. People die. People get paralyzed. It’s no joke. There have been a lot of safety vests on the market, but a huge factor in whether or not people wear them is comfort – no one wants to wear a big, bulky, hot, heavy vest when trying to ride. Horse Pilot‘s collaborative effort with In&Motion, who has made airbag vests for other extreme sports such as motorbiking and skiing, has made the leap into sleek, wearable territory. It’s easy to move in, fairly breathable, and really low-profile. It zips into their coordinating show jacket, creating a seamless piece of safety for the show ring. You can wear the show jacket by itself too. I looove the brown Alcantara accents on it, and you can reverse the waist thingy on the back to black for a more subtle look. It comes in navy blue as well, and you can even do a fully custom color scheme if you so choose. They also have a schooling bomber jacket shell, but I’d love to see more vest shell styles for the summer.

This vest inflates when you fall off, and protects vital organs as well as your neck, spine, and tailbone. The air cartridges are one-time use, and must be replaced after they deploy. This revolutionary vest comes at a pretty penny – but to me, safety is worth it – like Horse Pilot says, the best kind of safety vest is the one you will wear. I hope vests like this become more mainstream and more affordable, and down the line those with all budgets will be able to wear a safety vest as amazing as this one.

Geeking out over deploying the Air Bag Vest at EQU Lifestyle Boutique!

My biggest takeaway from Horse Pilot‘s line is that they create true performance-wear for the equestrian athlete, and they do it well. All their fabric and construction is high-quality and made to be ridden in, worked in, sweat in. Their designs reflect details that other brands might not think of, like pre-shaped silhouettes. I had high expectations, and they definitely met them. So what do you think? Do you want to give Horse Pilot a try?

Disclosure: I received the breeches & jacket from Horse Pilot for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

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