Calverro: My Favorite New Brand on the Block

Sometimes, the planets just align and good things happen with good people. Such was the case with Calverro, who I found via the good ol’ gram, and happened to be started by friend of a friend…who I immediately had to text to find out more. Cuz you know, elbow patches. That was my first draw to them, their sun shirts with elbow patches, and then what sucked me in next was their $125 breeches.

This brand was created by an adult amateur rider with the adult amateur in mind – pieces that fit well (curves too), are super comfortable and don’t cost your entire week’s pay. I’ve been lucky enough to try out all the current pieces in Calverro‘s lineup, and I’m here to report!

First a disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but I can promise that it’s had no impact on my opinions expressed here. I’m so thrilled that Calverro wanted to work with me as much as I wanted to work with them! Huge thanks to Calverro for helping me to keep this blog going by sponsoring this post!

The Schooling Shirt

Calverro‘s updated take on the sun shirt is everything I could’ve dreamed of. Super soft, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that doesn’t snag paired with a contrasting snap polo collar, underarm mesh, AND ELBOW PATCHES? Can you tell I love this shirt? There are so many ways to wear this year-round piece – during the warmer months to protect your arms, or in the colder months with a vest you can still show off those sweet elbow patches. This shirt makes your whole outfit look polished without sacrificing comfort.

Fit Note: True to size, I’m wearing a large. I wear a large in EIS & Kastel sun shirts and a medium in Tailored Sportsman sun shirts.

The Short Stripe Shirt

This shirt is all about fun. The sleeves are made from a patterned fabric that’s also textured, which adds a unique pop that’s still super wearable. It’s definitely not your average polo and I don’t know what else to say about it because I think the style speaks for itself!

Fit Note: Fitted and true to size. I’m wearing a large.

The Perfect Show Jacket + The Victory Show Shirt

Calverro‘s show jacket features all the things you want in a modern show jacket – stretchy, lightweight fabric that doesn’t cling but moves with you, a concealed zipper under the buttons, flattering lines, and easy care. They’re cut to fit us ladies with bigger chests as well, which is a huge plus for me as I always have trouble in this department. While it’s a stretchy technical coat, it still has some structure and holds its shape, giving you a tailored look. It comes in multiple colors, but I’m particularly fond of this gorgeous green! Underneath that I’m wearing the brand’s Victory Show Shirt, which I of course blanked to get pics of by itself because I was so enamored with the jacket. It’s super comfy, flattering with the V-shaped colorblocking, and does double duty as a schooling shirt too. The placket is kept clean and classic, making it perfect for any ring.

Fit Note for Jacket: True to size, I’m wearing a 10.

Fit Note for Show Shirt: Runs big, I’m wearing a medium.

The Schooling Breeches

When it comes to comfort, these breeches win the game. They are like wearing pajamas – suuuper soft and stretchy, but cut like a classic tailored breech with a euroseat and silicone grip knee patches. The thick waistband holds everything in and the higher rise is my fave. They somehow manage to repel dirt really well and have even been able to get multiple wears before washing, something I never do.

Fit Note: True to size, but if you’re in between size down as the fabric is super stretchy!

Calverro has really made a mark in my book with their ultra comfy, elevated classics that totally call to my personal style – classic, but never boring. I really appreciate that founder Sarah is striving to create a line that makes it easy to be both stylish and comfortable without breaking the bank, and is using patterns and fabrics that are truly designed to flatter a wide range of body types. The breeches and schooling shirt have become total staples in my riding wardrobe, and I wear them ALL the time. The whole line is stellar and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this super fresh brand!

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