DIY Photo Ribbon Rack

Ribbons – we’ve worked so hard to earn them, paid way to much to get them, and what do you do with it ’em when you’re home from the show? I’ve been looking for an easy, aesthetically pleasing way to display my ribbon collection since I started showing, and I’m pretty in love with this DIY I came up with. You can display photos or your entry number, along with your precious ribbons. And the best part? It costs about $30!

Here are the materials you need:


Spray paint your clothespins. If gold isn’t your jam, you can use whatever color you desire.


Space out your clothespins and picture hangers evenly with the clothespins on the top slat and the picture hangers on the bottom. Mark with a pencil so you know where to glue them. You can use as few or as many as you want – I used 3 clothespins and 5 picture hangers for the ribbons.


Glue the clothespins and each side of the picture hangers down. Let dry.


Hang it on the wall, then add your photos, entry numbers, and ribbons!

Voila! You’ve got yourself a ribbon rack. You earned those ribbons – show them off in style!

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