Make Your Own Decorative Equestrian Sign

Looking for something to do this week that’s easy yet will make you feel like you accomplished something grand? This DIY fits the bill and will add some fun equestrian decor to your home (which is nice as that’s pretty much all we’re seeing these days).

You can choose whatever phrase you want, but I chose “Giddy Up” as I was inspired by the great Milton Menasco. Plus, it fit the sign length well. I’ve included links to the template for both GIDDY UP and HOWDY below.


Print out your template and trim to size.


Use a pencil to shade along the backside of where the letters are. This will act as a stencil transfer.


With the pencil-shaded side touching the plaque, place the template where you want the letters to go. You can use masking tape to hold it in place if you want.


Trace over the outlines of the letters. When you lift the paper off, there should be a faint pencil outline transferred to the surface of the plaque.


Use a paint pen to trace and fill in the letters. A chisel-tip works best.

STEP 6 – Optional

If you want to get really clean lines, you can go over all the letters in black acrylic paint. I used a stiffer square brush and think it turned out great!

You can hang it using the affixed string or lean it on a shelf – decorating possibilities are endless and up to you!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY, products used and templates are linked below 🙂


Hope you guys are enjoying these DIY’s! If you have any requests, feel free to get in touch!

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