The Belt You’ll Have Forever: Blake Goods

Thank you Blake Goods for sponsoring this post! As always, I choose my sponsored posts carefully as being honest and truthful in my opinions is my highest priority. You can be sure that if I choose to partner with a brand to sponsor a post, it’s because I love them!

Belts are an equestrian staple – some say that if your breeches have belt loops, there better be a belt in them. They are an easy way to accessorize and change up your look without making a huge commitment, and you can wear them with your “normal” clothes too. They’re also practical; let’s face it – no one likes hiking up their pants constantly, and its no longer the 90’s where sagged pants were acceptable (I don’t think they really were then either, tbh). As I get older, I also highly appreciate being able to tuck my stomach into my pants. Therefore, belts are necessary to cinch it all in.

There are millions of belts to choose from, in thousands of different styles – but if I had to whittle down the choices to staple pieces, Blake Goods makes the list. When it comes to the equestrian wardrobe, there is one belt every rider should have – a plain black belt. It doesn’t get more classic than this, and will be acceptable in every ring and to every trainer. It’s like the navy hunt coat or tan breeches – simple, traditional, and forever stylish.

I have been trying to shop as consciously as possible for the past year or so, with the mindset of having fewer things, of better quality. Every time I shop, I take in to consideration some key things: Will I actually wear it and what will I wear it with? Is it good quality? Is this just going to end up in a landfill somewhere next year because it was an impulse buy?

Blake Goods belts are made in the USA with Wickett & Craig vegetable tanned bridle leather and are made to last a lifetime. Sidenote: I love Ovation’s bridles & strapgoods because they wear like iron and last forever and they are made with Wickett & Craig bridle leather too! Equestrians are notoriously discerning when it comes to leather quality and craftsmanship, because for tack it’s crucial that it lasts. I think Blake Goods founder Jessie hit the mark with her belt line as only a true equestrian could.

Jessie sent me one of the Center Bar belts in jet black with brass buckle, and it is a true goes-with-anything staple. It’s clean, classic, and goes with any style. The leather is thick and sturdy yet flexible and I know it will break in beautifully.

But back to the earlier question of is it something I would buy myself? Yes, and I can say that with confidence because I actually bought one in a different design, the Circle Belt in caramel/brass, over a year ago. I’ve worn this belt so many times since I’ve gotten it and it still looks brand new. I particularly love this style because it’s so versatile with its sizing. There are no holes, you just slide it through the circle, so you can wear it high on your waist or low on your hips. It’s one of my favorite belts so I’m really happy to have the Center Bar belt to round out my collection.

They are also priced really well, especially for a belt you’ll only have to buy once. They range from $75-$95 and come in 3 classic styles in jet black or caramel with brass or silver buckles. I’ve been a fan of Blake Goods since they launched, and continue to be. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Circle Belt in black/brass next!

(above) My year-old Circle belt & my new Center Bar belt

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Disclaimer: I received compensation and the Center Bar belt for this post. All opinions are my own and the choice to work with Blake Goods comes from me having previously purchased a belt and loving it. Sponsored posts help me keep the blog running but I choose them carefully. There are no affiliate links in this post and I do not gain anything if you decide to make a purchase.

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    kate said:

    where did you get that cute black & white top?!

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    kate said:

    thank you for the link! it is so cute and i love the mesh undersides to the sleeves – very practical!