Review: Ethos Equestrian Logan Breech

Happy Saturday, everyone! This review has been long overdue, but I wanted to take the time to discuss my feedback and meet with Ethos Equestrian‘s founder and designer, Stef, before noting issues that may already in the process of being resolved. First product runs from brand new brands are hardly ever perfect, but the fact that Stef has been so open to feedback, willing to make changes, and is truly passionate about making the best breech she can says so much to me. I didn’t reach out to Stef to talk about the breeches before posting this to avoid giving them a less-than-perfect review, I truly liked them from the start but I knew with a few tweaks they could be incredible. I wanted to gauge whether or not these would be lasting fit issues for me with this brand – it’s inevitable that some brands just don’t fit me well I don’t expect everything to fit me perfectly. When I told her this, she replied “I want mine to fit everyone,” and that really struck a chord with me.

This review is on a pair of first run of breeches and includes my notes on the issues I had with them, but I’m really excited to say that the next run of breeches will have updates implemented and I can’t wait to try them. This review is scored on points that I find are key for breeches: fit, fabric, function, quality, durability. style, and value.

Disclaimer: I received these breeches from Ethos Equestrian for free to try out. Being gifted products allows me to try a wider variety of items to put to the test and review for you. Receiving an item for free does not influence my opinions, which are always 100% truthful and my own.

Fit – 8/10

  • I got a size 30 in these. The waistband has a pretty thick, sturdy elastic that starts out a bit tight and uncomfortable, but gives as you wear them. By the time I’m in the saddle, I forget about it. More on the waistband below, but the rest of the breech fits perfectly.
  • Because the waistband is so thick, it really defines and flatters the waist while standing upright – but they’re not the most flattering in the saddle. Because that elastic is so thick and the bottom seam doesn’t have much give, sitting essentially pushes all of my stomach down into the area below the waistband. I’ve met with owner/designer Stef multiple times after wearing these breeches and spent a lot of time going over this fit detail, and I’m thrilled that it will be addressed in the next run of breeches by implementing a different elastic for the waistband!
  • The euroseat stitching is very flattering and makes your butt look GREAT.
  • The rise is a true high rise – the waistband grazes my last ribs.
  • The length grazes my ankle, I’m 5’6″ with a short torso for reference.

Fabric – 10/10

  • The fabric is a super stretchy, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that I think will be especially nice in the summer months.
  • Super easy to move in & passes the squat test with flying colors.
  • Feels like a structured tight – lightweight, soft, and comfortable but smooths and holds you in.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Dust and dirt brush right off of it.
  • Seems to resist and release stains really well.
  • Phenomenal shape retention.

Function – 9/10

  • I LOVE the phone pocket on these. The top flap is genius and keeps your phone totally secure. The design makes it really discreet as well.
  • The silicone grips have the perfect amount of stick in the saddle.
  • These feel like a high-performance breech in the saddle: grippy, moisture-wicking, and so easy to move in!
  • I was going to note that I’d prefer there to be fabric over the button closure on the inner waistband as this can pinch or cause irritation, but I’ve been informed by Stef that that will be taken care of in the next batch as well!

Quality – 9/10

  • Fabric quality is great.
  • There are some extra details I love, like a super cute silicone print in the waistband to help keep shirts tucked in.
  • The silicone knee patches are great quality and their effectiveness has not changed a bit. They also don’t peel or wear off.
  • The stitching isn’t the best I’ve seen, there were a few loose threads and slightly uneven areas, but take this with a grain of salt as I am super detail-oriented and have tried upwards of 50 styles of breeches over the years so I’m super picky. The seams are reinforced though, so I’m not worried about them falling apart. (PS – who else has split their pants while riding? ??????????? Let’s just say there is one brand of breeches I will never wear again ???? )

Durability – 9/10

  • I’ve been riding in these as often as possible in the 2 months I’ve had them, and have washed them equally as often. They wash up super well.
  • Those loose threads haven’t really been an issue and the seams do seem to be durable.
  • I somehow got a snag in one of my pairs, but that’s horse life.
  • No pilling or stretching out, and the silicone knee patches still show no signs – of wear.
  • They seem to be holding up really well overall.

Style – 9/10

I love the style of these breeches. They’re a great balance between classic and sporty. The only reason I’m taking off half a point is because they can be really hard to match. The piping on the Marine Green colorway surprisingly clashes with a lot of other shades of grey, but I’m lucky to have a pretty big closet and was able to find some light grey tops and sweaters that worked with it. Of course, white looks best with it, but I don’t always want to wear a white shirt to the barn (and most of the time they’re in the laundry lol). The Rustic Red is actually easier to style than I thought it would be, and pairs well with other neutrals and light pinks. I haven’t tried the Hazy Blue ones but I’m sure those are probably easier to style than the green as well. I think with white piping, the green would have a lot more styling options. That being said, it is such a gorgeous color combination and will make the white shirt sacrifice for them.

Value – 9/10

$149 is a solid price for these, especially considering that they are a small local brand and that they have a lot of technical features usually found in more expensive breeches. They’re leaps and bounds better than some other breeches in the $200 range.

Last Thoughts:

While they may not yet be perfect, I think Ethos Equestrian is well on their way to creating a truly phenomenal breech. If you have a longer or straighter physique, you may not even have any of the fit issues I had yet Stef is on the quest to create a breech for all bodies and I can’t thank her enough for that. I would still recommend these breeches, especially if you have problems with gapping or loose waistbands with other breeches. I will update with a new review once I get to try the new ones!

Ethos Equestrian Logan Breech

















  • High-waisted
  • Fabric amazing - stretchy, lightweight, and flattering
  • Make your butt look great
  • Grippy, high quality silicone knee patches
  • Unique color options
  • On the more affordable end of the price spectrum for breeches


  • Waistband starts out tight and uncomfortable
  • Not very flattering while in the saddle
  • Stitching isn't up to my (admittedly very high) standards
  • Certain color combinations can be hard to match

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