Review: Interest Candles Antique Horse Collection

Let me preface this by saying, I’m no candle expert, but I’ve spent my fair share of money on em over the years and definitely know the difference between a good candle and a bad one. I’ve had candles ranging from the Home Goods variety, to Voluspa, to the iconic Diptique (which I actually wound up returning lol). I love candles. They add ambiance and warmth to any space, and hopefully make your room smell great. But honestly, my favorite part about a good candle is its jar. I love collecting beautiful candle jars and repurposing them and love how they add to decor. It was love at first sight when I saw the jars for Interest Candles‘ “Antique Horse” collection. The artwork on this little Etsy biz’s jars is perfect for any horse gal’s space and I knew I needed them in my life. Buying candles online is always risky, but I was willing to take a gamble on the scents because THOSE JARS. I included these candles in my 2020 Holiday Gift Guide, and wanted to purchase a trio but Rosanna was kind enough to send them to me. A USPS fiasco and a few weeks later, I finally got them and have burned them all in varying amounts of time in order to best give them a review. So let’s get to it!

I’m basing my review on some simple but key things: scent, quality, aesthetics, and value.

Scent – 8/10

This is a hard category to judge because scent preference is TOTALLY personal. I am highly sensitive to more complex/sophisticated scents and candles with a lot of scent throw. It’s the reason I returned the Diptique candles. I’ve smelled all the super high-end candles at Nordstrom and Barneys – Le Labo, Jo Malone, Byredo…they’re all too much for me. My best-tolerated scents are simple, fresh, light, and usually fruity. I know, I definitely don’t have the most sophisticated nose. These scents are sophisticated, especially the Whip & Spur – it totally smells like it could be a Diptique or Le Labo candle. I’ll give you a rundown of the scents and my take on them below:

Whip & Spur (Peony & Leather) – Smells high-end, rich, and mysterious. Masculine and feminine at the same time, with really good scent throw – you can even smell it unlit at times.

High Point (Silky Citrus) – Smells like sugared lemon and maybe a little bit of fresh-cut grass. It’s my favorite of the trio, unsurprisingly, as it’s simple and fresh. Great scent throw as well.

Hay Barn (Sweet Sage) – Smells like laundry blowing in a garden breeze. It has a clean scent with a slightly floral touch. Along with the others, it has a lot of throw.

They are all really well-blended, unique scents. They can be a little strong for me, but I am highly sensitive and can’t even spray perfume so for the average person they are probably perfect. If you like unique scents go for Whip & Spur, if you like fresh scents go for High Point, and if you like clean scents go for Hay Barn.

Quality – 10/10

These candles are hand-poured and made in small batches from high-quality soy wax and essential oils – they burn evenly and provide a pretty clean burn. The jars feel SO luxe – even the smaller 9oz size. The 11oz. luxury version easily feels like a candle twice as expensive with its super heavy glass jar & padded matte black gift box – it’s really the ultimate gift and looks and feels so much more expensive than it is.

Aesthetics – 10/10

Do I even need to write anything here? These jars are perfect and I wish I had prints of the artwork on these. My favorite detail is without a doubt the little kitty taking a snooze in the hay on Hay Barn. Obsessed.

Value – 10/10

At just under $20 for the 9oz and $32 for the luxe 11oz, these candles are perfectly priced for gifting or treating yourself. They look and feel high-end and would think they cost much more than do. The 9oz boasts a 50hr burn time and the 11oz up 90hrs, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the scents. You can also get them beautifully gift-wrapped at no extra cost, AND each order comes with a pouch of sugar cubes for your horse. I’ll be keeping these jars forever and would highly recommend these candles to anyone.

Last Thoughts

Interest Candles has nailed the high-end yet affordable equestrian candle. While the scents may not be my personal favorite, these jars make me smile every time I see them and love what this small business is creating.

Interest Candles Antique Horse Collection











  • Unique, sophsticated scents
  • Keepsake jars will find many uses long after your candle has burned
  • Great value
  • Small batch & hand-poured


  • Scents may be too strong for those with sensitive noses

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