Review: For Horses Emma Breeches

Ah, the elusive perfect breech. Breeches are an essential part of the horse girl’s wardrobe, and there are so many options that it can get really overwhelming. Are those $300+ European breeches really better than the $80 ones? Why are even the ones deemed “affordable” the same price as designer jeans? And for the love of God, WHY is there so much variation in sizing??

Between rise, fit, fabric, knee patch material, length, and budget, there are a lot things to consider when buying breeches. I have tried over 52 styles (that’s just the ones I can remember off the top of my head) over the past 3-4 years, from budget-friendly picks to luxe Italian brands, so I’ve become very discerning, to say the least. For the most part, the fabric and construction is the biggest factor in setting the higher-end breeches apart, but I’ve seen my fair share of expensive breeches that didn’t last, bled color, or just weren’t worth the high price tag. I’m all about buying fewer, better things, but not all high-end breeches are actually “better”.

These are.

I feel confident every time I wear them, and never want to stop wearing them because they’re so comfortable. I honestly don’t have much to say, other than these are my new favorites, but below you’ll find more details on what I love so much about them and the very few things I don’t.

Disclaimer: I received these breeches from For Horses USA for free to try out. Being gifted products allows me to try a wider variety of items to put to the test and review for you. Receiving an item for free does not influence my opinions, which are always 100% truthful and my own.

Fit – 10/10

These breeches fit me perfectly. There is no gapping, no tight spots, no shifting, bunching, anything. They are my favorite rise that sits just at my natural waist. I can have a hard time with sizing – I’m a true 29 and have hips and a butt with comparatively slim legs, so most breeches that fit me in the waist are too baggy in the legs, which I hate. I usually go for a size 30 because I’ll take slightly baggy legs over an uncomfortable waistband, but the size IT46 in these fit like they were custom-made for me.

Fabric – 10/10

It’s magical. The fabric is thin and super lightweight, yet still very supportive, smoothing, and durable. I actually weighed my pair and they were only 10.5oz, whereas most of my other breeches weigh 13-16oz. I’m sure this doesn’t make a huge difference, but I was curious as to how lightweight they really were and found this an interesting finding. The fabric has great shape retention and is so breathable.

Function – 9.5/10

When things fit right, you can perform your best.

  • These give you full range of motion – like I could go to a yoga class in them
  • Ideal amount of grip
  • Never get in the way of riding – zero pressure points!
  • I do wish they had better pocket(s) but I don’t rely on breeches to carry anything anyways
  • The button closure in the inner waistband isn’t covered- sometimes this can pinch or irritate the skin. I haven’t had any issues with these though and usually do with these types of uncovered clasps (like Tailored Sportsman)

Quality/Durability – 10/10

I decided to put these categories together because I think they go hand in hand. I don’t consider a breech to be high-quality if they aren’t durable, as that would be a sign of low-quality construction and/or fabric. When there’s missed stitches, loose threads, and the fabric bags or pills, it’s not great quality in my book.

  • Very tight, uniform stitching
  • Fabric is durable, resilient, retains its shape and doesn’t pill
  • Silicone grip is high-quality and doesn’t peel

Style – 9.5/10

  • The style is modern yet classic, with subtle details I love – peep the Italian flag button on the side, the FH logo in silicone on the thigh, and the horse-shaped knee patch grip, and the logo – SO cute.
  • Back pockets can be less flattering on some butt shapes, but if you have a booty they will look great on you
  • Not the biggest fan of the zipper pull on the fly, it’s a little long and easy to see sometimes

Value – 9.5/10

Yes, they’re expensive. Very expensive. But you can tell a huge difference in these vs. other breeches – even when compared to breeches in the same price range. You get what you pay for with these, and If I had the money, I’d buy them in every color. I’m even planning on selling some of my breeches to replace them with these. I’d rather have 2 pairs of these than 8 pairs of SmartPak Pipers, and the 2 pairs would outlast the Pipers. If you like to buy fewer and better, these are the breeches for you.

  • I think these ultimately have a great value when all their benefits are considered – value to me isn’t simply how expensive something is, but if the cost is worth the product. To me, these are worth it.

Explore the Emma Breech and more: For US readers, click here. For EU readers, click here.

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All photos by Kristin Lee Photography

For Horses Emma Breeches















  • The most comfortable breeches I've ever worn
  • Custom-like fit
  • Highly durable
  • Sophisticated, modern style
  • They have the perfect rise
  • Very grippy


  • Expensive
  • Back pockets may not be your style or suit your booty
  • Only one real pocket
  • Uncovered clasp on inner waistband

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