Schulz 1912 Collection Review

In 2020, I got wind of a new brand of equestrian luggage – the designs were both intuitive and beautiful, and they looked like a huge improvement from the designs that already existed in the market. I patiently awaited Schulz Collection’s launch, which like so many others got delayed due to Covid. I jumped for joy when they finally launched this year, and felt like I won the lottery when they wanted to send me the collection for review…and let me tell you, it was worth the 2-year wait.

Let me be honest – these bags are expensive, and luggage is usually the last thing I’d choose to spend my money on. I had really high expectations due to the price point, and yet somehow those expectations were blown out of the water. The quality is so apparent. They look and feel like designer bags, which is nice in itself, but the thoughtful design is what really sets these bags apart and what makes them a worthy investment.

Disclaimer: I was gifted these products to try out. Being gifted products allows me to try a wider variety of items to put to the test and review for you. Receiving an item for free does not influence my opinions, which are always 100% truthful and my own.

The Helmet Bag – $250

Prior to getting this, I always just used the helmet bag that came with my helmet. None of them have been great, but my Kask one was especially annoying (I think anyone who has a Kask Star Lady can attest that the bag it comes with is way too small for it, and getting it zipped up is a pain in the ass). Lindsey, the owner & designer behind the brand, created this with bag with ultimate ease in mind: just drop the helmet in, shell-side down. The magnetic cradle acts as a stable “bed” for your helmet while the structured shell keeps everything protected. There’s also a mesh compartment/pocket to stash your gloves and hairnet, while letting them breathe. One of my favorite features is the “Metis docking system,” which allows you to hook the helmet bag to the boot bag. It’s really easy to attach/detach, yet stays secure when transporting the bags. The 1912 Helmet Bag is a major upgrade from what I’m used to, and I don’t ever want to go back.

The Boot Bag – $450

Floppy boot bag haters rejoice! This one’s got structure for days. The entire back zips open, allowing for easy access to your boots. This bag does not tip over, even with the helmet attached, and comes with a strap for easy transport. The top compartment features a ventilation panel to air out your boots while providing a place to stash your spurs or keys, while the removable divider keeps your boots separated and protected. My favorite feature is the GENIUS removable tray at the bottom, making it super easy to clean. I literally squealed with joy when I noticed this feature. I didn’t think I could be this excited about a boot bag, but here we are.

The Groom Bag – $550

This backpack has become my baby. The first few days I had it, I put it in my office and would just stare at it (lol). This bag is beautiful, but even more than that, it’s full of functional design features that just keep getting better. It’s structured, which keeps it from falling in on itself. The top opening gives unimpeded access to the bag’s contents, so you’re never digging around aimlessly. The side pockets fit a giant hydroflask, and the bottom compartment is the perfect place to stash things you want to keep separate. I’ve been keeping either a pair of tennis shoes or my air vest in there, but the possibilities are endless. *Queue infomercial voice* And that’s not all!!!! My favorite feature/the coolest thing about this bag is the removable insert, complete with dividers and plenty of pockets. It’s so easy to pop in and out of the bag, keeps everything organized, and makes cleaning super easy. When I need to use the backpack for something else, I just use the insert as a standalone grooming bag. I’ve gotten so much use out of this bag and will continue to for years to come.


The best thing about the 1912 Collection is that it makes life easier. The bags work synergistically and make organization, cleaning (you can literally just hose everything off), and transporting your precious goods a breeze…all while doing it in style. The price range is that of luxury luggage and isn’t attainable for everyone (myself included) but I would save up for these pieces if I hadn’t been so lucky to have them gifted to me. For an expensive item to earn a 10/10 for value, it has to prove it’s worth that price and really wow me. That being said, these bags did. The high-quality, durable materials, the modern design, and the intuitive features earn these bags my stamp of approval and a perfect score.

Photos by Jackie Marks Photography

Schulz 1912 Collection: The Helmet Bag, Boot Bag, & Groom Bag











  • Super intuitive, thoughtful design
  • Features that actually make life easier
  • Beautiful construction, quality, and materials
  • SO easy to clean


  • None

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