Hi there!

I’m a 25 year old California girl with a love for horses (and animals in general- can I pet your dog?) and a passion for style and fashion. I compete in the jumpers with my #bossmare, Quinn, and lease my puppy-like gelding to the best leaser in the world. My best friends include my husband Jed, my dog Penny, and my cat Pancakes. I’m the Operations Manager at The Tried Equestrian, a high-end equestrian consignment site, and love my job. I believe in working hard and am so thankful and lucky to be able to be a part of this incredible equestrian world.

I started this blog not only as a space to share my personal style inspiration and to give trustworthy reviews, but as a place where I can showcase and support businesshorsewomen – the women who start clothing lines out of their homes, who work full-time jobs and still find a way to compete at horse shows, the ones who have non equine-related careers but are inspired in their work by their love for horses.

I hope to give a fresh take on the equestrian blog and bring together the best in the business. Thanks for reading!


Karina Harris